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 15 Oct 2014


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 My FFL license is at the bottom of this page.  This makes life simpler for our local customers to buy online from other dealers.  Our transfer fee is only $20 per serial number. Our hours are flexible.  If you need a 10pm pickup.....we can make it happen. Note: 2014 is not booming like 2013.....currently there are great deals online. Many gun dealers are closing shop and need to liquidate. Some dealers are selling below cost.  Local customers: take advantage by using us as your FFL transfer agent. $20


FFL # 1-56-071-01-7C-00830 View My FFL License   Also at bottom of this page

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Please email Bob Kotula  OzarkGuns@yahoo.com to get the current pricing and availability.

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Please Contact: Bob Kotula      email  OzarkGuns@yahoo.com  PH# 704-824-9095
Ozark Guns Target Customers: Great Customers = Ask for the current price using the model number from the manufacture website. They realize prices can change and roll with it. These are the people Ozark Guns wants as customers. We have quite a loyal following.

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Stolen Guns: 9 Long Guns from Ozark Guns Personal Collection located at 311 E 1st St. Lowell NC 28098  Guns were in 30x30 steel building but not in the safe because of electronic issues with dial.  Person of interest: night security man who was staying on premise: Ernie Dale Burns III dob 3/4/1991 aka "Trey"


1. Rifle S&W M&P 10 .308 serial #KN01356

2. Rifle S&W M&P 15 .223 serial #SP00101

3. Rifle Ruger 10/22 blue full stock .22LR  serial#827-62400

4. Rifle Ruger 10/22 blue full stock .22LR  serial#827-62401

5. Shotgun Beretta 1301 24" bbl 12g serial#TA005571

6. Rifle Springfield MA9102 .308  serial #227348

7. Rifle Tikka JRTB315 .243 serial#A93698

8. Rifle Tikka JRTA340  .270 serial #488826

9. Shotgun Beretta AL390 28" bbl 12g silver side engraved serial#X10670E  (I have owned this for 14 years)


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